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We want to give you as much help and provide the best knowledge of all our products.
This section offers brief answers to many common questions asked by previous customers.
How will Solis fit onto my window?
See which bracket to use
(instructions on Accessories page - click here >)
How many Solis can be programmed to one remote control?
Up to 10 Solis can be operated together.
Up to what distance will the remote control still operate the Solis?
100m unobstructed.
Where do I put the rain sensor?
The rain sensor must be located outside, NOT sheltered in any way ie. away from chimneys, gutters, trees etc.
Is it secure?
When shut, Solis provides a holding force of 150kg.
What happens if I forget to close the window and go out?
Unless you have automatic function eg, rain sensor or thermostat, Solis will remain open.
What happens if it rains whilst I am out?
See above.
Is Solis waterproof?
No Solis does not have waterproof rating.
It is rated to IP50.
What happens if the batteries are low? Where do I buy them from? How do I replace the batteries?
Solis stores energy in the batteries, therefore it can be operated in the shade or at night. BUT…Solis will need continuous daylight in order to recharge. Download instructions from the Accessories page.
What happens if I lose my remote control?
Solis can be closed by pressing the SET button in the battery compartment. Replacements can be purchased from Dyer and will need reprogramming.
Will Solis work in the shade?
Solis stores energy in the batteries, therefore it can be operated in the shade or at night. Solis will need daylight in order to recharge.
Can I override the rain sensor?
Yes, if the window is open, hold CLOSE for 6 seconds, Solis will close. If window is closed, hold OPEN for 6 seconds, Solis will open. This override will last for 30 minutes or press STOP for 2 seconds to cancel override.
Solis and components are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of invoice. Extensively tested.

Have Solis installed by us and receive 2 years warranty from date of invoice.
If you have any problem
with Solis – please call
0161 491 4840 for our
After Care Department.