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Colour: Black (standard) or white
2 or 4 buttons for multiple control. 100m reach you don’t have to point the remote to operate. Complete with wall mount to attach to the wall.
  Colour: White
The alternative to losing the remote
control. 2 way rocker wall switch.
Includes wireless interface.
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Colour: White
Adjust the temperature to your comfort. Adjustable range 5 - 30°C with ON-OFF switch. Includes wireless interface.
  Colour: White
Protect your home from the rain by
including a rain sensor to automatically
close the windows when it rains.
Solis is flexible.
Control Solis by remote control or switch. You can use a thermostat and/or rain sensor if you want to automate your system. Install it yourself without an electrician or let us quote for installation. Control your space your way.
All components need programming with the Solis - but that’s easy, follow our simple instructions by downloading our pdf ’s now.

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